When Inspiration Comes From Pavement

Surf City MarathonAfter a trip to the restroom and a gulp of water, I lined up at the back of one of the final waves of the 2018 Surf City Half Marathon race. I was a little nervous about finishing the whole thing knowing that I hadn’t hit my mileage target. The words, I just might die, kept swirling around my head until the race announcer cued the sound for the start of the race.

I slowly inched out over the start line and followed the crowd of runners swiftly kicking their way down Huntington Beach’s stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway. I jogged amongst the pack of people for several miles until the crowd began to thin out. The sounds of chatter began to wane as gasps of breath fell in their place, and you can hear, just off in the distance, the cool ocean waves crashing on top of each other trying to taunt the sweaty runners nearby. Continue reading “When Inspiration Comes From Pavement”

The Lofty To Do List

My best friend and I running a 5K together

“Jasmine, what the hell kind of to-do list is that?” My sister was looking at a list I had posted on my wall. “You know most people have lists like ‘do the laundry’ or something normally like that?”

I glanced at my unconventional list.

  • Run a marathon.
  • Write a book.

Those are the things listed under the “To-Do” section of the dry erase calendar that is hanging on my bedroom wall. I have often been known to set goals in life only to never actually start achieving them until I lit a fire under my butt. However, it was when I tricked myself into giving my goals actual deadlines that I at least made progress in working toward my goals. Continue reading “The Lofty To Do List”

My New Year Resolution: It’s A Thing Now

IMG_5038Somewhere in the middle of splashing in a puddle of my own sweat, I felt a chilling sense of regret creep up into the back of my mind.“Why the hell am I running so damn far?” I thought to myself as I continued to swiftly place one foot in front of the other. The masochistic form of transportation by my own legs seemed ridiculous when I really thought about it for too long, but I continued to keep on going anyway.

Continue reading “My New Year Resolution: It’s A Thing Now”