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Why Working From Home Should Be The New Normal

Silhouette photo of man throwing a paper plane in front of a sunset.
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

Yesterday, I woke up to the warm rays of sunshine pouring through my windows. It was the early portion of the nautical sunrise—that cool moment of gentle dark blue skies when the small birds in nearby trees begin to sing. I love waking up that way, without an alarm clock in front of a clear view of my favorite mountain range of all of California framed by a large window. My jaw drops every time as I let the cat out of the apartment onto the balcony, and then back in, and then back out again a few seconds later.

I swear that cat is watching the sunrise along with me as I water the miniature Amazon Rainforest on my balcony. I manage to grab my hiking buff cloth and squeeze in a two-mile run before yoga and then my daily morning meeting for work.

I sometimes look in the background of my own camera feed on my video conference call to see that I have forgotten to roll up my yoga mat. As I do, I realize that I’m usually always in an overly fantastic mood when I see the mat lying there. Everything suddenly stopped feeling like “work-work.”

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Why 90’s Kids Are So Nostalgic

Apple computer, technologyFashion, television shows, films, and other forms of entertainment has seen a regurgitation of the era that is the 90s. The world has noticed that kids from the 90s are nostalgic and are now capitalizing on the throwbacks. However, 90s kids aren’t complaining.

I was nine years old when my parents purchased and installed our brand-new Gateway Desktop computer. We set it up in an odd section of the living room where, if I’m not mistaken, only a lamp stood. The monitor was massive, the keyboard was clunky, and everything, including the mouse, was wrapped up and connected with wires that were plugged into the same surge protector where the lamp used to sit proudly. We had never had a computer in the house before that day, and I was so excited to hear the loud and slightly annoying dial-up tone that connects my world to the world wide web. However, I had no idea how my entire life would change forever Continue reading “Why 90’s Kids Are So Nostalgic”

Hating Millennials And Why There’s Nothing New About It

Photo by Anthony

Millennials—everyone’s talking about them, writing news articles, or trying to research their thought processes. They poke fun at their tendency to connect and share with their friends and families online through new and innovative digital technologies, and they don’t particularly care for their desire for wanting to create a purposeful life by doing meaningful work while still taking a moment to spend time with those most important in their lives.

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