The Need For Mindfulness And Therapy

“Wait, you have anxiety?” One of the hikers from the group that I was socially distancing with turned to look at me.

“Yeah,” I said, readjusting the supplies in my bag to adjust for the camel pack’s shift in weight. “I actually have terrible anxiety.”

It was true, and if I weren’t so insanely stubborn, my anxiety would be debilitating. I suffered from constant panic attacks that hit full swing at the height of California’s stay at home order. I had been getting by with hiking and camping and doing all sorts of very random things (like that one time I tried Capoeira) for so long that I hadn’t dealt with my anxiety. That was until COVID-19.

The pandemic shook things up and made me face myself. There was literally nowhere else to go but inward to take up a journey of reflection. Stripped of everything else, I got to see who I truly was as a person. My personality isn’t 80 percent anxiety and 20 percent the outdoors. I never realized how much more than that I was.

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Your Breath Conquers Mountains

Jasmine D. Lowe


There are moments in life when you feel like you’re climbing a never-ending mountain. Stressed—you feel like you will never get a break. I occasionally fall into this trap, and I forget that the most important thing you need to do in order to overcome nearly any obstacle is to take a step back and breathe. Continue reading “Your Breath Conquers Mountains”

Thoughts On The First Day Of Spring

beautiful beautiful flowers blooming on the first day of spring


The sun gently kissed the exposed skin on my arms and legs as I enjoyed the cool breeze. I watched as the same crisp air moved through the lush leaves of the surrounding trees. I took a moment to look down at the fresh dew still visible on the short vibrantly green grass that sprung as I took steps towards the nearest classroom. I wanted to soak in every moment before the sound of the bell, which rang to rush small children to line up outside of their classrooms for morning prayers, bellowed its loud metallic sound.

I can distinctly remember looking up at the crystal-clear blue sky and then down again at one of the many dandelions that adorned the small field right outside the computer classroom. I plucked one and, rather than making a wish and letting my breath brush away the dozens of feathery seeds into the wind, I thought about the present moment. On this first day of spring in my fourth-grade year of elementary school, I would never be younger than I am right now. Continue reading “Thoughts On The First Day Of Spring”

“A” is for Attitude

Once upon a time I won a coffee mug from a blog challenge hosted by the writers’ club I’m involved in. It was an amazing experience getting to read and interact with other bloggers while blogging from A-Z, and now it’s time to try it again.

Writers of Kern 2014 “A to Z” Blog Challenge

The 2014 A to Z challenge will begin Wednesday, September 10th and end Saturday, December 6th. Thirteen weeks, 2 posts per week equals 26 posts. Writers may choose any theme; but, each post must feature one letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order.
There are two parts to the challenge:

Part 1 – Publish two blog posts a week, for thirteen weeks. Posting Wednesday and Saturday are suggested, but not required. (I will be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays to complete the challenge.)
Part 2 – Visit at least five other participants’ blogs each week, leaving thoughtful comments and encouraging words.


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