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OctPoWriMo: October 9th-12th

reddened hills & adventure in arid arizona

reddened hills & adventure in arid arizona

OctPoWriMo #9: Pain

Behind the hills and valleys of folded memories on your face
I see the worried nights and terrified feelings from the past.
Pain and suffering from not so distant times when hate
Was proudly worn on cloths of red, white, and blue like a badge.

Pain from loss, pain from gain, and when life became particularly hard
Pain from men, pain from birth, and times between the happiest moments.  (more…)

Poetry For The 21st Century | The Ocean’s Greetings


I was greeted by the warm rays that rained down from the summer sun
And felt the cool kisses quickly land on my cheek from the ocean’s salty breeze.
I looked for the usual crowd of people relaxing on the sand but found none
And left the quiet beach alone to do as she pleased.

I wandered off into town and stumbled on to the Spanish Father’s mission,
An old building for church service long before there stood a town.
I walked along the waterway listening to the sound of rushing water in repetition
And walked across the wooden bridge while trying to avoid looking down. (more…)

Keep Close To Nature

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” –John Muir

A cool breeze that rushed up the mountainside had quelled the sweltering heat that rained down from the California summer sun. We attempted to catch our breath, while sitting on top of large gray flat-topped rocks embedded into the rich brown dirt, as the wind moved the few trees decorating the top of the mountain and the tall grass, sunflowers, and dried brush. It felt as though we were the only ones left on the planet as we looked down in to the green canyons while sitting on top of the world.

The picturesque mountainscape had become a wonderful excuse for a long nature hike miles away from any road flooded with cars. I did my best to capture all of the beauty that I had seen that day inside of the digital folders of my camera. Upon returning from weekend hiking into the tall mountains I picked up a call and greeted a familiar voice. (more…)

Living in the Present

the hike 2On the weekends I occasionally take a friend or two with me to complete a day hike in the nearby surrounding hills. I end up grabbing my camera and taking landscape photos of all the natural wildlife surrounding us on our trek up to the top of one of the earth’s rugged wave crests.

I usually like to squeeze in a hike just before a hectic school or work week to sort of reset and prepare myself for what is yet to come. My friends and I chat about our lives and catch up as I snap pictures, and we follow the guided mapped out trails on the sides of mountains. However, when we get to the top, just before we turn around to go back down to where we began our ascent; I look out onto the horizon to gaze into the eyes of true natural beauty. (more…)

“N” is for Night


Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z)

She awakens as the heavy shadows sitting in the corners of the room begin to grow like wild vines along abandoned homes. She fills the space with a dense blanket of black as the sun falls behind the horizon and bleeds from yellow to orange. The night gives birth to the moon who takes the places of the fallen sun in the sky, and small balls of brilliant light begin to poke their way through the sea of darkness. (more…)