The Leap Year Timeline

Mobius Arch, Inyo County, California
Mobius Arch, Inyo Canyon, California

My life makes sense when you look at it in Leap Years. It’s more confusing to look at my life when you look at every year in between. It’s as if I’ve only ever hit the correct axis of time if you scrunched up the detailed map of my journey to get here—the day before the day that only exists every four years.

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How To Withstand The Tides Of Change

waves and tides of change

I couldn’t shake the thoughts of irrational fear and nerves that coursed through my veins as I sat in the comfortable plush chair near the large wooden desk. I glanced around the room at the elegant décor and tried to take in a deep breath as the woman with a short blonde pixie cut and dark-rimmed glasses typed away on her computer.

“Relax,” the lady behind the wooden desk said. She adjusted her glasses and smiled. “You really have nothing to worry about with this. Your score is immaculate.” A few clicks on her computer later prompted the familiar sound of a toaster-sized machine to whirl and slowly spit out sheets of paper. She finished printing out the report that she was working on her computer, grabbed the sheets of ink-stained paper next to her desk, and presented them to me. She pointed out the number to me. However, that wasn’t why I was so nervous.

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The Week in Between

20507584_10213531837714353_6449662465477211912_oThe felt the harsh yellow light from the sun beating down on me as I sat high on top of a trotting Quarter Horse. A cool breeze brushed passed our faces as we gained a little speed. We rode along a path in between rows of crop and a ditch not too far away from my friend’s home. I found myself letting the reigns slip out a little from my hands in a loose grip after I gave a cue to the horse to slow to a walk. It was quiet and peaceful, and it gave me time to think about where I have been in life and where I was heading.

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