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My Thoughts About #OctPoWriMo and Attempting #NaNoWriMo

There were no awards given out at some beautiful ceremony, or trophies sitting high on top of pillars with my name engraved in the gold colored metal—but, I did it. I finished another writing challenge, and now I have pages of poems that I actually like, and some of them I even feel pretty proud of.

The 31-day blogging challenge to write a poem a day for the month of October was probably one of the best things I could have done to dip my feet back into the pool of poetry and kick start my writing for the rest of the year.

OctPoWriMo, or October Poem Writing Month, different from NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, which takes place in the month of April, encourages participants to push themselves and their writing and to explore poetry for another month out of the year. (more…)

The Lofty To Do List


My best friend and I running a 5K together

“Jasmine, what the hell kind of to-do list is that?” My sister was looking at a list I had posted on my wall. “You know most people have lists like ‘do the laundry’ or something normally like that?”

I glanced at my unconventional list.

  • Run a marathon.
  • Write a book.

Those are the things listed under the “To-Do” section of the dry erase calendar that is hanging on my bedroom wall. I have often been known to set goals in life only to never actually start achieving them until I lit a fire under my butt. However, it was when I tricked myself into giving my goals actual deadlines that I at least made progress in working toward my goals. (more…)

A Wallflower in the Mulch

I had spent the whole day filling out grad school applications, working on homework, editing articles for work, and studying for my upcoming exams in the library when Kristine called me to come over and hang out. I probably would have said no and finished up some other work, if it wasn’t for a changed relationship status on her Facebook. I knew that my friend would want to catch me up on everything, and I’m pretty sure she needed someone to talk to about the whole thing anyway.

I managed to make my way over to her house as the sun was setting to pick her up and head over to Pasadena. She wanted to see a movie, grab drinks in the downtown area, and have a little fun before we both had to get back to our regular busy lives. After forty-five minutes of driving we parked on some random street and walked to a nearby theater to see the movie, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” based on the amazing book of the same name. After nearly two hours of an amazing story, we walked out of the theater, gently dabbing our eyes with our sleeves, and we drifted on to the sidewalks of the city to find a place that served cheap drinks. (more…)