“I” is for Irresponsible

“I” is for Irresponsible

At the start of its new fiscal year, October 1, 2013, the United States government shutdown affecting every government program, halting aid, services and forces closures and furloughs on government workers. The last time the government shutdown it was in the year 1995 and the conflict is eerily similar to what is taking place now. [...]


The Shifts and Changes of Thoughts

Sometimes thoughts and ideas change. Sometimes they grow and shift from one way to another; and sometimes they even shift their way back again. The way we think and what we believe comes as a result of a complex construction of your environment, upbringing, experiences, and practically everything else that you come into contact with [...]

ObamaCare Upheld And What It Means For You

Watch Philip DeFranco explain ObamaCare in a simple and easy to follow video...