Nature, Technology, and Paradise

It was in the epic of John Milton’s Paradise Lost that in the beginning all of the animals and humans who walked the earth lived in peace alongside each other. The Garden of Eden sustained the lives of all who resided there, and there was a deep connection with the first humans and the nature that surrounded them. Unfortunately, however, after sin entered the world and Adam and Eve were casted out of the beautiful garden, death became prevalent and the deep connection we once had with nature was almost completely lost.

Attempts to find the Garden of Eden and return back to paradise have failed in every quest but for the one described in John Milton’s sequel of Paradise Lost, called Paradise Regained. Somewhere along the way our bond with nature died along with paradise and everlasting life, and instead we all became dependent on a narrow and vertical path of innovation that relied heavily on technology. Our dependence on technology has evolved to the point where even our thoughts about returning to nature seem incredibly daunting. It’s the ecologists and those individuals who are still in love with nature that ask the question, how has something that we once considered paradise become (in our minds) such a terrible way to live? Continue reading “Nature, Technology, and Paradise”