Shock Wave: Part 5- The House on the Edge of the Woods

Shock Wave: Part 5- The House on the Edge of the Woods

Catch up before you continue on with the story. Hitchhiker Cindy and I continued traveling along my usual path toward the center of California. I still wasn’t sure if I should drop her off in the first town outside the mountains of the Grapevine and continue further north heading home, or just take her all [...]

A Little Mulch of Letters: Part 5- Back To The City

Busy streets filled with quickly moving cars that carried on to heavy congested traffic on the highways; it was a stark difference from the slow-paced cow-filled town back in the Central Valley. I had attempted to empty my mind and dig deeper to find myself in the wide open spaces under the bright blue country [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 5-Sitting There isn’t Free

Click here to start from the beginning. The brilliantly bold and golden ball was streaming its warm rays of light directly into my face as I drove down the overcrowded highway. I had my sunglasses on, the car visor down and in place, and a strip of tint on the very top of my car’s [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 5- The Ghost

I feel the palpitating beating of my heart fluttering out of control, and as I breathe in the frigid air, my chest tightens as I lose my grasp within the terror. I really did believe that I was having a heart attack, and I thought, if I did die from it at least my dad [...]