As A Passerby


Sometimes I bypass the freeway and take the city streets to work. I like watching all of pedestrians quickly walk by and the speeding cars weave in and out of the morning traffic.


The summer sun, still rising, illuminates the early birds and the morning people that are out walking dogs and riding bikes, and the young children get up to play before the weather gets too hot for their sensitive skin.


I watch as uniformed individuals run after the bus that is moving precisely on time. The hussle and bussle of the work day spins the crowds of living beings into a rush as they try and get to their appropriate destinations, and I just sit in my car and watch as a passerby.



Moving Pictures

One of my favorite, and most random, hobbies is taking pictures while I’m driving. The sheer adrenaline shooting through your veins as you speed down the highway is just ridiculous. I often fumble trying to hold my amazing Canon Power Shot SX20 IS 12.1 Mega Pixel camera and snap a picture.

I love arriving at my destination and reviewing all of the pictures that I took on the road. I get a feeling of great satisfaction when I do manage to sneak a few good pictures in before the cops come up behind me.

It’s just amazing to see what you end up with.