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Naked And Lush And The Pixies

Bright lights flashing and bouncing around a dark room. Crowds of people singing and swaying to the sounds of what The Guardian calls “an unorthodox marriage of surf music and punk rock.” I found myself jamming out to a live performance of The Pixies at the first location on their 2017 North American tour at The Fox Theater in Pomona, CA.

I never caught the reunion tour of the band that went on hiatus in 1993 and who returned 11 years later to the spotlight, but I jumped at the chance this year to finally hear “Debaser,” “Wave of Mutilation,” “I Bleed,” “Here Comes Your Man,” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven” from their second album (and my favorite), Doolittle. (more…)

Cannonball by The Breeders

Cannonball by The Breeders was like my theme song in the 90’s. The song itself is from their 1993 album Last Splash and the single reached #44 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and #40 in the UK Singles Chart. It was released in France in November 1993, where it remained charted for 30 weeks, peaking at #8 which is cool.

The Breeders were formed in 1990 by Kim Deal of Pixies (another amazing band) and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses (which is also a pretty good band). I could never keep up with who was actually in the band since the only consistent member was Kim Deal, but you can’t hate them and I don’t know too many people who doesn’t like this song.

Where Is My Mind Pixies cover by Petebox

The track is made live using a guitar, beatbox, voice and an RC-50 loop station. The reverb on the vocals at the end is off a Kaoss Pad which only features at the end for the reverb effect… In other words it’s all live.

I F#ckin Love the Pixies!