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Frequency Within Releases New Music Video At Packed Pomona Show

IMG_0590Lights from a projector cast a grungy scene of four local Southern Californian musicians in, what appears to be, an abandoned structure in front of a packed bar in Pomona, California. The crowd erupts in cheers as the song, “Vindictive,” by the band, Frequency Within, begins to play, and the picture comes to life to reveal the indie/alternative rock band performing their song from their debut album.

The band members, Erica Torres (Vocals, Guitar), Jenna Alonzo (Vocals, Guitar), Oli Navarro

(Bass), and Jeannette Lawler (Drums) successfully released their new music video, “Vindictive,” from their “Blissfulmess” album at Dba256 Bar & Gallery in downtown Pomona, California. The foursome played the video, which was filmed and directed by K Enagonio Photography, to the crowd after performing a highly energetic and engaging set that got the crowd dancing.

Frequency Within’s sound has been compared to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, and Nirvana. The band noticeably has an American Southwest influence of alternative rock with a sound that brings in elements of punk and a dash of grunge. The set, along with the previous acts, was streamed live and followed three other talented bands. However, the music video was only shared with the crowd that was there at the show in person.

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Naked And Lush And The Pixies

Bright lights flashing and bouncing around a dark room. Crowds of people singing and swaying to the sounds of what The Guardian calls “an unorthodox marriage of surf music and punk rock.” I found myself jamming out to a live performance of The Pixies at the first location on their 2017 North American tour at The Fox Theater in Pomona, CA.

I never caught the reunion tour of the band that went on hiatus in 1993 and who returned 11 years later to the spotlight, but I jumped at the chance this year to finally hear “Debaser,” “Wave of Mutilation,” “I Bleed,” “Here Comes Your Man,” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven” from their second album (and my favorite), Doolittle. (more…)

Shock Wave: Part 1- Beyond the Road

windy roadI had driven this three hour path so many times before that I never thought twice when I jumped in the car this particular day and shoved the key into the ignition. I adjusted my review mirror that my boyfriend (at the time) had moved when he last drove my red Chevy Cobalt, and quickly glanced at all my dirty laundry and misshapen duffle bags filled to the brim with items that I assumed I would need for my winter break.  I suppose this all must have happened about a year ago then if I can only picture myself backing out of the University Village apartments as the frigid wind and slowly rising fog hit up against my defrosting windshield. I remember shivering and then flipping the heat on to the hottest setting on the dial, and my teeth chattering as my body gradually adjusted to the surrounding temperature.

When I finally made it on to the highway heading north and away from Pomona, my car had warmed up enough for me to shut off the heater. I let my free hand fumble over the car’s stereo buttons searching for a clear radio station, and in doing so the gaze that I had left fixed on the road in front of me slowly drifted downwards to follow the path of my fingers. (more…)