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The Unexplainable 2018 Photo Album

New Year's celebration

New Year's celebration

I turned to look at my sister who was scrolling on her phone while sitting on the couch that I accidentally bought from Ikea. “What?” I said slightly puzzled. The couch, which is a whole other story, wasn’t the issue.

My sister repeated herself. “The movie, Black Panther, came out in 2018.”

“It feels like that movie came out two years ago.” I was genuinely confused at the timeline of events that happened in the year 2018. I had to pause and think back to what happened in 2018 to make me feel as though 2018 went on forever. (more…)

New Year Miracle

new-year-wallpaperFor those of you who were in attendance at the last party that I threw, which was overtaken by the apartment’s vampire and her random friends, or for those people who have heard the ridiculous stories, you would think that I have since learned my lesson about planning “small get-togethers” in the New Year. Well–I suppose the second time is a charm.

I write this post as the first sunrise of the New Year slowly creeps above the horizon. Small beams of light are forcefully pushing their way into my rediscovered residence attempting to shine a giant spotlight on some of the events that occurred behind the veil of a starry night. (more…)