Sonya Moves In

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It’s been about a month since I moved into this apartment with my new roommate. I believe my roommate was really nervous at first, but she seems to be transitioning well. We both had to get used to some new things, but we have been doing our best to adjust. There’s a bit of a learning curve for both of us. I have never lived as the only human resident in a household before, and Sonya is just trying her best to figure out what is going on with life in general. Continue reading “Sonya Moves In”

The Fourth Roommate

IG | jasminedlowe
IG | jasminedlowe

Every year that I was in college has resulted me living with a roommate or two. The first year I had two roommates who ended up being pretty cool. I was a nervous freshman who didn’t have a clue about life as an adult, and the roommates that had shared our little closet of a space on Cal Poly Pomona’s campus helped me navigate the very awkward transition from high school into all things college.

Then there was the second year. I had three other roommates who were nice, however, dishes kept piling up and were constantly being stacked like Jenga pieces in the sink. Just one wrong look at the filthy pile of dishes would send the tower of grime tumbling down. Ignoring that, and the time one of my roommates ate raw uncooked spaghetti nervously in the bathroom, they were all incredibly good people who were there for me when times grew difficult. Continue reading “The Fourth Roommate”

Living with a Vampire: Part 3- The Bed


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The next day, one of my roommates who I had met in architecture school approached me about the vampire. She told me that she heard the vampire’s bed slowly, but steadily, squeaking all night long. They tried turning up some music to drown out the sound, but the noise was so loud that nothing would help. A day later, my other roommate from architecture mentioned the same thing. The noise just wouldn’t stop.

Eventually the vampire tried to drown out the noise that she was making all night by blasting Death Cab for Cutie. It didn’t help a thing and, if anything, she only sort of ruined a few of their songs for me. The noise continued for a few weeks, and then finally the noises at night ceased. The vampire decided to make these noises during the daytime. Continue reading “Living with a Vampire: Part 3- The Bed”

Living with a Vampire: Part 2- The Party


As published in Uloop news.

I went to bed each night that week only to wake up in the middle of it and hear this mysterious roommate making an immense amount of excessive noise. I never once seen her face moving in and, of course, my mind immediately went to the worse thought.

I was convinced that there was something wrong with my new roommate. I had no idea where she was in the day time, and I had confirmation that she was still alive at night. My roommates and I eventually got the hint that she might only come out at night, and so we stayed up late to meet her. She was a petite younger girl with the most annoyingly squeaky voice. She told us that she had moved here from Peru a few years ago, and that she was majoring in nutrition. She seemed normal for few moments after the first conversation that we had with her but, naturally, my assumptions were wrong. Continue reading “Living with a Vampire: Part 2- The Party”