Knowing When to Quit

A colorful eddyThere is this idea, especially in popular culture, which says one must never quit anything, ever. You may start something, and although it gets difficult to continue doing so, one is encouraged to carry on striving for that something no matter what. It’s a wonderful concept to hold on to when the going gets tough, but when that something no longer falls into line with what we believe in, or with what we are ultimately trying to achieve in life, then it’s okay to step back from the quote that has been driven into our heads, “winners never quit and quitters never win,” and follow whatever is best for you.

Recently I’ve had a lot of friends change jobs, living arrangements, end relationships and leave significant others. For them, times and situations have changed and so have they. These friends have carried themselves forward in the gently stream of a certain life path for so long before the current changed and life took a different direction. They have “quit,” but they have had reason to do so. Continue reading “Knowing When to Quit”

Life’s Lemons

They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, but often times you feel as though there aren’t enough sweeteners anywhere else no matter what you do to take the bitterness of life away. It’s in these times where you feel like just dumping the bitter lemonade on the floor and giving up, even though you shouldn’t. In these times you should rebuild this metaphorical lemonade with your own sweeteners and make the best damn lemonade that you possibly can make.

The majority of my friends and family right now are going through some tough times. Financial problems, relationship status changes, health problems, life shifts, or in my case all of the above. They call to tell me their frustrations, and often times they feel as though there is nothing they could do about their situations. Continue reading “Life’s Lemons”