Through the Lens

Looking through the lens using the aperture of a camera

I capture moments forever frozen in time. The very essence of life is paused for eternity as I gaze upon its image. It’s through an external lens that I can grab a piece of your soul and tell a story. Photography, much like the act of writing, reveals a version of the truth through someone else’s perspective. The surrounding setting, the way I angle and pose the subject, and the pieces of information I use to create a work of art can drastically change the way you see something.

We are in a new age now where anyone can start their own business and try something new. The tools for a new hobby or a new career are readily accessible. With my smartphone, the incorporated camera, and my series of social media platforms logged into through applications on my phone I can create new content and join the ongoing conversation with the rest of the world online. However, can the advent and the improvement of the smartphone camera replace the need for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, or professional photographers? Continue reading “Through the Lens”