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Making Adult Friends in the Age of the Internet

Fingers rest on plastic keys and slightly smudged touchscreens as they slowly scroll down endless pages that exist only in the confines of the Internet or through control channel maps. I can physically feel the conversations emanating from my purse as my smartphone begins to vibrate.

However, I often only hear the interrupted fragments of thoughts via animated-sounding notifications, which let me know that someone on the other side of my screen has reached out.

In the age of the Internet adults and adolescents alike are extending their connections with friends and family from in-person interactions to the digital world. No longer does one longingly gaze into the distance wondering what happened to whats-her-face from high school. Now, you get to “see” her as much as you want on Facebook. (more…)

That Moment When You Accidentally Start Your Own Business

It had happened to me just before a meeting at work. I was grabbing a chair in the office when one of the people I was about to speak with casually mentioned something about starting my own business.

“So, I hear you’re starting your own consulting business now?”

I chuckled a bit and jokingly responded, “Yeah, it sort of happened by accident.”

Granted, I am very aware that no one accidentally starts his or her own business. But somewhere along the line in your life there comes a moment when you begin to gradually convince yourself that you need to become your own boss, and in another moment down the line you wonder just how you managed to get to where you are. (more…)

What They Never Taught Me about PR in Journalism

Photo by Draco via Flickr

Photo by Draco via Flickr

One writes and publishes stories, and the other wants to get stories written and published. To the lay person, the main functions of journalism and public relations are only thought to boil down to just this symbiotic relationship. However, there is more to these two industries than what gets published in the news. Even now, with the advent of the Internet and social media and networking platforms, the functions and the relationship of both professions has changed to accommodate the evolving landscape of the modern age.

This shifting trend has become more evident as more journalists have transitioned or, “crossed-over to the dark side,” as many journalists have put it. Although the ability to write clear and concisely helps journalists become great communicators in PR, there are also a few important skills that are never quite covered in J-school. (more…)

Connecting Over the Internet

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People often hear about individuals losing all of their time to the Internet. The screen captivates their attention for hours at a time with social media, gaming, and online television. However, there are some benefits to spending some of your time on the Internet.

Recently, Katheryn Deprill, 27, used the Internet in a very positive way. Dubbed the Burger King Baby, Deprill, who was left in a Burger King bathroom when she was just hours old, was able to be reunited with her biological mother. (more…)

How Technology Will Impact Higher Education


As published by Examiner.com

Smart phones, tablets, laptops and social media have changed the way we function in our lives and in society. They have made connecting with people and the world around us easier, and have created a new way of communicating. Because this change in the way we interact with each other has influenced all of our lives, it also makes sense that social technology has also changed the way we approach education. (more…)