Vengeance of The Crow

That morning I had woken up before my alarm to the sound of a cat dry-heaving in what seemed like the dead of night. I sprinted out of my bed and quickly turned on the kitchen light to find the floor tile void of hairballs. I looked down at the cat looking unfazed at the seemingly urgent situation and watched her calmly walk away into another room as though nothing was wrong. This was my first warning.

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Why Crying In The Middle of An Airport Was The Greatest Moment of My Life

My boarding time had inched close enough to the present that I began to sweat a little. It was only after I had to remove a pair of shoes from my oversized travel bag at the check-in counter that I became nervous.

“See, I told you taking out the boots would help cut enough weight,” my dad said as he grabbed the pair of shoes I removed from the large purple bag. I rolled my now 50-pound bag through that little section of the airport check-in counter. I just kept throwing in extra stuff that I thought I would need during the summer abroad without thinking about the overage charges. Nearly everything in my room was able to fit in that mobile monstrosity. I had just enough time to get rid of a perfectly good water bottle and take a deep breath before stepping into the back of the airport security line.

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Life Lessons From The Snowy Desert

It’s been eleven years since the first and latest time I had to bypass the grapevine heading south to avoid a snowstorm.

I had to go all the way around the mountains from Bakersfield by trekking backward and by taking the coastal 101 down to Southern California. It took me about six hours, but it put everything in perspective. I was able to be on the roads that I never have seen before. However, this was before the explosion of smartphones and the Waze app, and it became an event that I will always remember.

Now, 11 years later I had to do it again. However, this time my vehicle headed due southeast facing the desert. I was stuck in an endless line of cars that would snake around the mountains in a different direction. Instead of seeing the Pacific Ocean as I cruised along the highway 101, I would have to go through the Mojave Desert past the old dry brush weighed down by piles of freshly dumped snow while driving on pitched dark and icy roads.

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Dealing with My Deadly Friday the 13th Curse

Why I Will Always Associate Friday the 13th With The Time I Was Involved In Attempted Manslaughter

The Catholic school that I attended between the time I met my best friend in second grade until our graduation day before going off to separate high schools made every single sixth, seventh, and eighth-grader volunteer for safety patrol. The job involved forcing middle schoolers to either open the car doors for arriving or fleeing students and taking turns as crossing guards before and after school for one full week at a time. I only ever did this crossing-guard duty on two occasions. The first time went completely fine without a problem. The second time involved the changing of local legislation, the cops, crying students, and Friday the 13th.

I wore a bright yellow vest over my school uniform that consisted of a neatly ironed white polo and a green plaid skort (or a yuppy cross between a skirt and shorts because it was the early 2000’s) that stayed put by Velcro. It was a little larger for my small eleven-year-old body, but I made do with what I had. It was on the second or third day of my turn as a crossing guard after school when another small student and I looked both ways to check for cars, extended our heavy stop signs out into the marked crosswalk around scores of tiny children before slowly stepping into the street. Out of nowhere, a car zoomed by narrowly missing my black chunky platform steel-toed shoes that I wore solely to kick boys in the shins stylishly. My heart leaped from my chest as I swiftly brought my foot back on to the sidewalk for safety, but the damage was done.

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Creative Writing

college books
  • Perhaps this is why the crow always gets a bad rap? Perhaps their ominous history of negative stereotypes precedes them and is attached to randomized events with adverse outcomes furthering their haunting demeanor? I suppose I will never know.
  • I both hate and love reading, and wonder if book lovers, with their strong sense of imagination, suffer from a little bit of psychosis.
  • I never wanted to be held back from doing something because of fear. I created my own monster because my fear of missing out was always greater than my fear of anything else thrown at me. If I wanted to do something, I would just do it. No one could ever tell me anything different.
  • Fresno Acura is accepting donations of bottled water, Gatorade/Powerade, packaged snacks, hand sanitizer, and hand wipes and coordinating with the Sheriff’s Department to put these items in the hands of firefighters. If you are in the area and can help move livestock, you can visit Creek Fire Facebook Crisis Response page. You can also make […]
  • Things obviously didn’t go as planned, and oftentimes, they never do. You can plan all you want, but you end up having to prepare for the worst and hope for the best to keep moving forward. I mostly take the trek as a cautionary tale portraying the unpredictability of life and all the chaos within […]
  • The whole “not having to work a day in your life if you enjoy what you are doing” is somewhat misleading. Most people have to work whether you’re in a corporate office or juggling life and family as a stay at home parent. There are still difficult obstacles to overcome and problems to face. However, […]
  • I saw a post on Tumblr four years ago as I scrolled down my dashboard feed. Decorative text in textured appearance sat before a bright white background. “The 26 LGBTQ terms you should know.” It was a fun project between a small group of friends that eventually evolved into something more.
  • I would give them no choice in the matter, and just picked them up and took them somewhere. Especially, the friends who came from that tiny rural town.
  • I paused for a moment and glanced up to see if I would need to dodge any more animals falling from the sky. I was already 13 miles into the 17-mile hike I had planned to do the day before my trek. ‘Damn. I really am out here,’ I thought to myself.
  • I went to see a therapist about my anxiety, and it helped. I started rolling out my yoga mat again and practicing mindfulness meditation. I began paying closer attention to the advice from people I trusted, and while I worked to help educate others and help uplift the voices of the minority, I also worked […]

Shock Wave: Part 5- The House on the Edge of the Woods


Catch up before you continue on with the story.

Hitchhiker Cindy and I continued traveling along my usual path toward the center of California. I still wasn’t sure if I should drop her off in the first town outside the mountains of the Grapevine and continue further north heading home, or just take her all the way to Oregon. I was still concerned for my safety at this point because I really had no clue as to who she was or what she was capable of, and any attempts of finding out these facts seemed to be dragged out and hidden behind this strange story she was telling me.

“Is this story describing what happened to you in the woods or something?” I asked the hitchhiking storyteller.

“No. No, but it relates to me and why I’m here right now,” my passenger said. “Just keep listening and I promise by the time I’m done everything will make sense.” Continue reading “Shock Wave: Part 5- The House on the Edge of the Woods”

Beyond the Shock Wave

Beyond the Shock WaveMy heart was pounding so hard that I could feel the echoing vibrations far beyond my chest. My breathing was heavy, my mind was racing, and I couldn’t help but wonder what I had just done. I realized, as I was driving away from the house, that I had no clue as to where I was going or how I would get back on the 5. Continue reading “Beyond the Shock Wave”

Death on a Roller Coaster

space-mountain-night-12I remember the first time I ever got on a roller coaster. It had to have been the second time that I had ever visited Disneyland because I believe my younger sister and I barely made the height requirement for the Space Mountain ride. I was just a kid waiting in the long line of people winding its way inside this highly decorated and dark cave. Each step I took to get closer to the front of the line made my heart beat a little faster and my nerves rattle like the venomous snake’s tail out in the hot desert sun. I was scared out of my mind and by the time I my family and I stepped onto the carts I nearly had a full-blown panic attack and felt my body falling into what I thought was a conniption. Continue reading “Death on a Roller Coaster”