‘Tis the Season of Finals

I look from my laptop, and up to the clock, to note the five-hour marker on my intense study session only to realize I don't even know where my textbook is. Papers due within the week have well-planned cover pages with no content, and I've somehow found time to watch cat videos on YouTube. Yes. [...]

Pomona College Student Pursues Lawsuit after Getting Stopped At Airport over Arabic Flashcards

As published on Uloop TSA agents are attempting to appeal a dismissal by a district judge who has denied their motion to dismiss a law suit pursued by a Pomona College Student. The student, Nicholas George was "perp walked" through the airport after Transportation Security Administration agents saw the words "bomb" and "terrorist" written in [...]

Who Should College Students Vote For In This Coming Election?

As Published in Cal Poly Pomona's Uloop. Both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention came and went sowing seeds of patriotic pride for their own political party and a boost of enthusiasm for the coming Presidential election. The candidates spoke behind pedestals, buttons and silly hats were passed out to the conventions’ [...]