ObamaCare Upheld And What It Means For You

Watch Philip DeFranco explain ObamaCare in a simple and easy to follow video...  

No More Prop H8, But Why Didn’t It Come Sooner?

We’ve taken one step further in the battle of trying to spread civil rights for all and have come closer to judging someone not by the color, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or any other unique factor or trait, but by the content of their character. The 9th Circuit Court in California struck down the state's [...]

Where the F#ck is my 23 Cents? A Question About Equality.

There I was sitting with a cup of coffee in hand and skimming through various online news articles when I stumbled onto something that caught my eye and made the coffee in my cup boil from the heat emanating from my hands. “Women Retail Workers Make Less, Get Fewer Benefits Than Men, Study Finds.” It [...]