Why Every Bachelorette Party Should Be Moved To The Woods



Alcohol, phallic imagery, strippers, and cheap dollar-store tiaras and sashes; the infamous bachelorette party was upon me as I accepted the role of maid of honor for the second time at the second wedding that I would attend within this last year. Luckily, both brides opted out of a drunken weekend in Vegas and chose to move the festivities outdoors and into nature. Continue reading “Why Every Bachelorette Party Should Be Moved To The Woods”


How The Bachelor Franchise United My Friends

The Bachelor Franchise gets Its Final Rose

“Oh, is that where your priorities are?” my best friend of more than twenty years chuckled over the phone. “I guess I’ll let you go then.”

I didn’t have time to explain. The clock was ticking towards the beginning of a weekly event that has been taking place for years. I heard another friend walking into the door, ready to commence our traditional gathering. The always incredibly ridiculous and messy Bachelor franchise was about to appear on the screen in our living room.

“Bye, Jas,” my friend on the phone said. “We’ll talk later.”

I’ve always had a TV, but I never used to watch television. I once moved out of an apartment and accidentally left the TV there because I had never turned it on. It sounds strange, but I completely forgot that I had ever owned a TV. I had to drive back and meet up with the roommate who called me about the TV in the first place.  Continue reading “How The Bachelor Franchise United My Friends”