Times Are Changing

tumblr_m1jl76P5b41qenk3co1_1332851444_coverIn a matter of five months my life has went from incredibly depressing to surfing the skies on cloud nine, and the rapid shift in my life’s progression has left me with the strangest time-elapsing whip lash. So much has happened that at times I feel I can’t comprehend the amount I’ve accomplished in this period and, oddly enough, I feel I haven’t finished this trend of quickly occurring positive changes yet.

Recently, while sitting in my comfy office chair, located inside the Bakersfield Californian building, I was offered to cover a quick feature story on one of my old high school teachers. After getting in touch with him via email, he responded to my inquiry and agreed to be interviewed by his former student. Continue reading “Times Are Changing”

The Story of Graduation

It was sort of funny, at first, everyone I’ve ever needed to email or talk to  decided to up and leave before I could have a quick chat with them. I wanted the fall 2012 quarter to be my last quarter at Cal Poly Pomona, but instead the school was secretly working their administration magic to keep me paying for a way to get out.

Undergraduates at the school have to pay $6,624 for tuition, an estimated $1,500 for books, $106 for parking per quarter, and some classes, like my dance course, requires you to go see  plays that often require purchasing $50 tickets. That’s not including gas/transportation cost, room and board, groceries, and other necessary living costs, so you could understand my reasoning for just wanting to be done with school.

The problem is that the school is seemingly putting so many obstacles in front of you that you can’t graduate on time. Continue reading “The Story of Graduation”

The Hollywood Intern: The Beginning

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I grabbed my stuff, took the key to the office from my key chain, placed it on the desk and said goodbye to the other interns and the editor-in-chief, whose goodbye felt like it was the exact opposite of my goodbye with the production and operations manager. I turned back to wave goodbye to the operations manager and she waved me over for a farewell hug.

“Thank you for everything that you’ve taught me and for this wonderful time at this internship. I had a lot of fun,” I said as we both stepped back out from the hug.

Her eyes almost looked as though they were holding back a small flow of tears. “Thank you for helping us out, and if you ever need a recommendation don’t hesitate to ask.”

I walked out of the office myself suddenly tearing up at my final trip from the office of my second internship to my car, when it abruptly hit me that I was going to miss coming into the office and seeing her every other day. It was definitely bittersweet, since I now was able to spend my newly allotted time on my new paid internship, my last quarter of school and my many other new projects, but it was an easy decision to pursue new endeavors and leave the internship that had taught me so much and treated me quite well.

But of course the departure from my first internship wasn’t as smooth as the second. Continue reading “The Hollywood Intern: The Beginning”

Women Banned From Universities In Iran

Republished from PhillyD(dot)TV

Not being able to play football with the boys just sucks, but not being able to grow up and go off to a university is just plain sex-discrimination. That’s exactly what Iran has been up when it decided to officially approve of female students being barred from more than 70 university degree courses according to the Telegraph.

This obviously goes beyond not fair which is why Iran’s most celebrated human rights campaigner, Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, demanding a UN investigation of Iran’s plan to have 36 universities make 77 BA and BSc courses in the coming academic year “single gender” and exclusive to men. Continue reading “Women Banned From Universities In Iran”

The Hollywood Intern: Part 13- Mott’s and The Great Gatsby

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I had stepped out of my car that night wearing my long brown cardigan draped over a tank top and some shorts. I slid my card into the gas pump and shoved the nozzle into the gas tank. I was tired, confused about my life’s recent events, and I felt lost wondering about what the hell the universe wanted me to do, and as I tilted my head back in a sigh of exhaustion, my eyes rested on a giant billboard staring right back at me.

A bushel of apples sitting behind a jar of Mott’s apple product appeared incredibly massive as it perched right behind a flood of lights pointing up at it. It looked down upon me like it was the eyes of the universe watching over the tiny gas station. I couldn’t help but ponder for a moment about my life, my insane summer, or even just about all the crazy events that have taken place in the past week and a half.

I climbed back into my car after filling up and drove down past all of the last bits of civilization into the dark and vast canyon of what seemed like the abyss. The surrounding hills looked like deep shadows overlaying the already darkened night sky, and for a moment I found my mind also pummeling its way into an abyss of thoughts. Continue reading “The Hollywood Intern: Part 13- Mott’s and The Great Gatsby”

Are Internships Worth the Trouble?

As published on Uloop and the Huffington Post

As the summer ends and all of the academic universities begin to prepare for the new school year, the students print out their schedules for classes and pack up their last bit of luggage to be hauled along with them to campus. Many of us are searching for jobs, buying books and worrying about whether or not our financial aid will kick in on time. Completing the long list of classes for our course curriculum is always the first things on our minds (especially now with all of the educational budget cuts) but should all of these things be the only focus on our minds? What about internships?

Interning for your intended field of business has its many benefits, but many of these internship positions that students obtain are not paid. Students are often left debating on whether or not the internship is worth the lack of time they could have been using at a paid position, and they pass on internship opportunities unless it is absolutely required of them.

Those people, unfortunately, are missing out on the benefits of an internship. Continue reading “Are Internships Worth the Trouble?”

The Hollywood Intern: Part 12- The Hike

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I slid out of the office like a bat out of a cave and left my first internship that day dragging all of my work materials behind me. I jumped into my car, slammed my seatbelt buckle into the car’s appropriate orifice and quickly sped out of the parking lot and onto the street like the building was on fire. It was definitely my time to leave since I had been cramped in a corner inside the frigid confines of the workplace and basically just felt blah all day.

I thought back to my previous weekend with one of my good friends from college, and the conditions that I endured in the office felt even more like an urban jail cell. By that time, I was not even half way home and stuck in the usual Los Angeles traffic. Always busy and never lets up, to get anywhere in this crazy city you have to double your usual traveling time due to wall-to-wall madness. I figured that then was good as a time as ever to think back to my hike. Continue reading “The Hollywood Intern: Part 12- The Hike”

The Hollywood Intern: Part 11- The Phone Interview

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I had, unfortunately, scheduled a phone interview during my usual commute to my second internship. They only gave me a few choices that either involved leaving the office to go answer the phone or canceling my other interview time slots in order to take the call.  I had no choice but to figure out the time difference between Central and Pacific Coast time and then call my interviewer smack dab in the middle of heavy morning Los Angeles traffic.

I got in my car a little earlier that day (or at the time that I was supposed to be getting in my car) and I made sure that my phone was out and ready for me to grab and illegally use on the highway, but of course with my luck, my intended interviewer called me just as I was entering the dreaded 101/405 interchange.

I picked up the phone and greeted my potential boss on the other line, and after giving me some background about the company he asked me to speak a little bit about myself.

“So, this is my last year at the Univ—Oh God!” Continue reading “The Hollywood Intern: Part 11- The Phone Interview”

The Hollywood Intern: Part 10- The Department Store Diaries

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I found myself waiting inside of a fancy waiting room with plush brown couches and leather armchairs for one of the first of many interviews that I would have this summer. I held on to my resume and pulled my skirt down a little to look a little more professional.

“We’ll be with you in a moment Jasmine,” a small lady said hiding behind her massive desk. “The store manager said that she would be up in a moment.”

“Okay, thank you,” I responded.

I waited there for a about fifteen more minutes before a very tall woman with her hair slicked back tightly into a bun emerged and called me into the conference room. We exchanged greetings and then dove right into the interview.

I knew retail like the back of my hand. Every store was almost exactly the same so I wasn’t worried about nabbing the sales associate position in maybe the women’s clothing department or something. I answered the typical retail questions like a champ and really won her over until she took a better look at my resume. Continue reading “The Hollywood Intern: Part 10- The Department Store Diaries”

The Hollywood Intern: Part 9- Glendale

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I was standing in a long line at Starbucks, and sort of staring at the strange hippie who was grabbing a hot cup of Tazo Tea, when I began to think about my next move. I watched her leave as the ribbons that were tied to the halo of flowers around her head fluttered about in the rush of the warm air that was promptly wafting in from outside. No matter how weird the city of Los Angeles was to me, I realized that the giant collection of—interesting people would give me more opportunities than heading back to the Central Valley.

The more upbeat life, where unprotected turning lanes littered the city and spending an extra half hour on the freeway was completely normal, was obviously going to have more job prospects as far as writing, editing and publishing went, but the cost of living was definitely higher. Granted I was in line at Starbucks, not for myself but for the people back in the office at my first internship, but I was seriously considering moving here permanently and stay where the action was. Continue reading “The Hollywood Intern: Part 9- Glendale”