Go Ahead and Exaggerate A Little

Teen Brain After watching this video the other day I’ve realized something about the readers of this blog and me. For some reason we all love it when I exaggerate (for the most part). I literally do nothing during the day except for going to work, or school and then I go home and hang [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 10- The Beginning

The loving look that was held in my father’s eyes made everyone stop and smile at the man lying in the hospital bed. Finally alive and awakened from a deep coma, my dad was laughing and elated to see my mom and my siblings there and happy that he is back in our lives. This [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 9- A Second Chance

Frank had read the diary over the shoulder of his daughter and had seen the distraught and helplessly sad look in her eye when she read the last sentence. I wonder if this cigarette could be the thing that lets me leave this place… The Angel of Death doesn’t kill anyone; she has just been [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 8-The Diary

The chills that run up through your spine as you flip through the pages of a dead person’s diary is far more surreal than anything else that you can think of. The words scribbled in between the lines on the page pierce my heart as they bring my father back to life, but even as [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 7- The Past

Do all what you can with your eyes before you go blind. Let the light that still shines through guide what’s in your mind. Look at the beautiful flowers with their petals filled with dew. Watch the rainbow grow with every vivid color and hue.   Frank had seen this embroidered on a pillow once. [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 6- The Mission

“I’m really not sure of how you operate, but why would you put me in a room with a person that you don’t want me to talk to,” Frank said the Angel of Death now sitting on a gravestone in the town’s local cemetery. “You guys obviously worked out the whole communication thing.” The angel [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 5- The Ghost

I feel the palpitating beating of my heart fluttering out of control, and as I breathe in the frigid air, my chest tightens as I lose my grasp within the terror. I really did believe that I was having a heart attack, and I thought, if I did die from it at least my dad [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 4- Past His Reflection

He used to peer inside his pocket mirror past his reflection and at his door’s manifestation in the corner. Frank often wondered if he could pass the barrier that separated himself from the parallel universe beyond this looking glass. He knew that beyond the door in the world that he lived in was the rest [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 3- The Reaping

If you go out in the woods today,  You'd better not go alone. It's lovely out in the woods today, But safer to stay at home. Three young teens were running about that night in the woods. They all seemed to have their minds altered by an extremely powerful drug. They danced and ran and [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 2- The Call

It was cold outside. So cold in fact that the nose drippings of globing fluid were freezing as they slid out of my frigid nostrils. I wanted to run back inside my equally cold apartment and turn on the stove top and place my face right over the flames and let them lick the frost [...]