From The Safety Of Your Timeline

From The Safety Of Your Timeline

I let my fingers fall as they lightly tapped the computer keys on the black plastic board. I was quickly trying to finish up some work before leaving the office in the next couple of hours when the first, of some of the most horrific texts, came trickling in. Someone from an ongoing group message [...]


Why Tom Hanks And I Agree That Community College Should Be Free

Gone are the days when young adults didn’t need a high school diploma to get a great job. Many job requirements call for a diploma along with on the job training, a bachelor’s degree, some form of certification from a trade school, or an associate’s degree from their candidates. It is because of this that [...]

Genesis by Grimes

Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher is a Canadian artist, musician, and music video director. Grimes began recording experimental music while attending McGill University in Montréal, where she became involved with the underground electronic and industrial music scene. She released her debut album, Geidi Primes, through Arbutus Records in 2010, and then Halfaxa shortly after. Her third album, Visions, released in 2012 has been quoted as "one of the [...]