Oregon Or Bust (Part 12)

“Dammit Jasmine! What is that smell?!” my sister yelled from across the house. “F#ck! The cookies are burning!” I had leapt into action and ran toward the kitchen when the pungent smell really hit me. I managed to turn the oven off as I simultaneously opened its door to a wall of billowing smoke. “Oh [...]

Oregon Or Bust (Part 11)

I've been here before a few times And I'm quite aware we're dying And your hands they shake with goodbyes And I'll take you back if you'd have me So here I am I'm trying So here I am are you ready Come on let me hold you touch you feel you Always Kiss you [...]

EnCOMpassing My Life

I woke up this past Tuesday and barely rolled out of bed when the alarm on my phone went off. Why was I up this early? I don’t have class till 3p.m. I had thought to myself and slowly climbed back into bed. I woke up a few hours later and happened to look at [...]

Oregon Or Bust (Part 8)

Terrible timing—it always ended up being that way. “Big news! No, it’s huge!” My friend from second grade said. “What happened?” I replied. “He’s coming to California for a month during the summer.” My friend was obviously concerned about how this was all going to work out. She had already moved on from her first [...]