The Biggest Issues Generation Y Faces Today

The Biggest Issues Generation Y Faces Today

As Published In Miss Millennia Magazine Generation Y is unlike any other generation in our history. With a touch of a button, and the switching on of a mobile cellular device, we are instantaneously connected to the four corners of the earth, and can communicate and express our thoughts with the entire world. We have [...]

The Story of Graduation

It was sort of funny, at first, everyone I’ve ever needed to email or talk to  decided to up and leave before I could have a quick chat with them. I wanted the fall 2012 quarter to be my last quarter at Cal Poly Pomona, but instead the school was secretly working their administration magic to [...]

You Might Just Be A Psychopath

When today’s generation goes out to have a good evening, an allotted amount of time is set aside for quiet updates to every social media alert available. If they’re at a party they’re recording video for their vlog on YouTube and possible posting a short post about the whole event on their blog. They take [...]