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Anonymity In Art: Novel House

art-brush-color-6368There’s an abandoned house tired with cracks that reveal its age. It is wearing thin of its drywall, and the structure seems to degrade and crumble right before the eyes of onlookers. It’s abandoned—but full. The white walls filled to the brim with large black letters, characters and shapes that have been strung together into a novel. The Chongqing Novel House in China draws hundreds of wanderers to the house that has itself become a story.

Scrawled on the walls by an anonymous hand is a tale of adventure and heroism. As you move within the house, you see diagrams and images which correlate along with the themes and the messages within the story, and by the house’s end, you’re left wondering, why? (more…)

The Moon by Camille Elston

CamilleCamille Elston, is a friend of mine who recently performed in Lake Elsinore, California at the Live Wired music festival put on by Bradstock.

Elston is a sports photographer and a Graphic Designer at Cal Poly Pomona. She’s a ridiculously cool musician who sings, plays guitar in genres spanning from Alternative to Pop, Indie and Electronica.

With a voice like Elston’s, you can create a wide variety of interesting songs that everyone can fall in love with, and it only helps that you can hear an intense sense of passion emanating from behind the beautiful words in her lyrical stories. Camille is also part of the band, Camille and the Eclectic Sound. The band formed in August, 2013 out of Pomona, California and they consist of Camille on guitar and lead vocals, Corinne Weston on bass and Elliot D’Antin on drums.