Garden of Life

beautiful blooming garden of life

Anyone can spot my apartment balcony from yards away. A cascade of green vines and leaves twirl elegantly around the bars below the patio railing. The grassy-colored greenery helps add to the peaceful paradise feeling you get when you sit in one of the patio chairs underneath the awning. You cannot avoid the bright greens from the various herbs and spices sprouting in medium-sized round pots and planters. And when you brush up against the springy shrubs adorning the sides surrounding the outdoor space your noise is gifted with a smell of fresh basil and parsley that lingers long enough to encourage a small grin from your mouth. Continue reading “Garden of Life”

What’s in Season

Have you ever wondered why some fruits and vegetables take better and seem fresher during certain parts of the year? Well eating locally grown produce and purchasing food during their designated seasons will help you gather the best-tasting fruits and veggies for all your dishes.

winter foods
Photo by penguincakes via Flickr

Available During Fall
Broccoli (although it can grow in year-round climates)
Broccoli Raabe/Rapini
Sweet Potatoes
Treviso Continue reading “What’s in Season”

Easy Peasy Vegetarian Recipes: Veggie Sandwiches

Classic grilled cheese from Green Bliss Cafe
Classic grilled cheese from Green Bliss Cafe

Sandwiches are probably the easiest and most versatile vegetarian dish you can quickly make and eat on the go. You can use a variety of breads, wraps, and buns that could be served hot or cold with delicious side dishes to pair with it. As a vegetarian, grabbing some sort of light spread and bunch of veggies can end up being part of a mouth-watering lunch plate, and it could be extremely inexpensive and healthy too.

To make things a vegan fare, ditch the dairy cheese and substitute it for slices of faux cheeses, such as DaiyaVegcuisine soy cheeses and Dr. Cow cheeses. Since I’m not a fan of a lot of dairy-based condiments, I often find myself shoving slices of avocado into everything to substitute cheese and other condiments if a vegan option is not available. Continue reading “Easy Peasy Vegetarian Recipes: Veggie Sandwiches”

Me, Myself and Vegetarianism

tomatoSomehow in a house full of carnivorous people, who looked questioningly at vegetables as just garnish for their steak dinners, I have found myself living as a vegetarian for about six years. Often times I question how I even became a vegetarian while living on the outskirts of town next to cattle farms raised for meat and the dairy cows milked for freshly churned ice cream, but I managed to do so and I continue living a vegetarian to this day. The thing is that I didn’t do entirely on my own. Months of research in books about vegetarianism, articles online, documentaries about where our food comes from and conversations from other vegetarians helped me safely transition into a life without meat. Continue reading “Me, Myself and Vegetarianism”