#NotAllMen Are Dangerous, But #YesAllWomen Live With That Fear

Care because she’s a person, not just because she’s someone’s anything.

“Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race…There is no creature more evil and depraved than the human female […] The first strike against women will be to put all of them in concentration camps like the plague they are. At these camps, the vast majority of the female population will be deliberately starved to death […] A few of them would be spared, however, for the sake of reproduction. These women would be kept and bred in secret labs.” -Elliot Rodger

It wasn’t just an issue of perspective, a chip on the shoulder or a bad experience or two in life that drove 22-year-old, Elliot Rodger, to go on a rampage through Isla Vista, the UCSB college community in Santa Barbara, on Friday, May23. Rodger had killed several students before taking his own life because he believed in something that is actually quite prevalent in today’s society. It was the evil blind hatred of women that fueled Rodger’s rage, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Continue reading “#NotAllMen Are Dangerous, But #YesAllWomen Live With That Fear”

Let’s Talk About Dieting


As posted by Miss Millennia Magazine.

“I stopped dieting when I figured out that you just have to eat regularly and properly within moderation,” wrote Now magazine quoting Jennifer Aniston. “The fads are too much.”

Seeing ads and articles promoting popular “fad” diets in the attempt to try and find facts and figures about the diet industry only proves the point that there are a lot of people out there spending money on quick fixes instead of changing their lifestyle. And the $40 million a year going into the pockets of the diet industry doesn’t help the argument in favor of crash diets. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Dieting”