Pack of Peaks: Mount Baden Powell

Jasmine looking out from the side of a mountain


I double-checked my hiking bag for signs of water in my bladder pouch, my lunch, a second lunch, and lots of snacks. I grabbed my hiking shoes and headed out of my apartment and into the early morning darkness. It was still cool when I hopped out of my car at Vincent Gap. The sun was barely rising over the mountain that we were about to summit, and the moon was gently sinking behind the adjacent rocks. I let out an occasional yawn as I readied my hiking poles and greeted the group of friends who decided to climb to the top of Mount Baden-Powell with me. Continue reading “Pack of Peaks: Mount Baden Powell”

What to Expect as a Tourist in Seattle, WA

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 11.26.36 PMSleep deprivation can do wonders for those who have a fear of heights. I had earned my title of the walking dead the day before my recent trip to Seattle, Washington by attending a birthday dinner after work for a friend who lives nearly 100 miles away in Palm Springs. It was great to catch up and chat, but my scheduled 7:00AM flight out of Santa Ana made me question all of the choices I have made in my life.

Needless to say, 10 minutes after takeoff my sister and I were slumped over passed out in our still upright airplane seats. It was a refreshing 2 and a half hour nap that go us ready for the weather that went from a mild SoCal 65 degrees to a frigid Northwestern 32 degrees in Washington.

Continue reading “What to Expect as a Tourist in Seattle, WA”

Across State Lines

13083371_10209041309613957_6841760751063450198_nI glanced over at the odometer and watched the digitally scribed numbers on my dash grow as I crept forward through the California desert. Death Valley’s hot breath blew past my windshield and into the open windows of my mid-sized vehicle as my tires continued to spin over dusty asphalt roads that were beginning to sizzle in the late spring heat.

The car full of people that I was towing were all headed over the first of three state lines that I would end up crossing within a month’s time frame, and with every border I crossed, and every mile that I traveled, I could only hope for more to come. Continue reading “Across State Lines”