#OctPoWriMo: Day 23-27

OctPoWriMo Day 23: Santa Ana Winds

It’s barely seven in the morning and I’ve just gotten out of bed.
The sun has just come up over the horizon
and I’m already sweating what seems like bullets of lead.

I get dressed, walk out the door, and feel the wind on my face.
The weather is brewing something evil
and spewing the devil’s hot breath like a canister of mace.

The mountain gap winds, so dry in their origin,
whip past giving whiplash to those who can still
withstand Southern California.

The Westward winds fan flames so unbelievably high
it feels like standing in front of a heater while dressed in a wool sweater.
Sadly, it seems the warm weather has made all my plants die.


OctPoWriMo Day 24: Water

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How To Turn Water Into Words

Nature Series 44

“No one writes like that anymore,” she said. “No one takes their time to spin the right combinations of words in to a romantic piece of art; and by romantic, I don’t mean it in today’s sense, but in a way that implies beauty and splendor.” Continue reading “How To Turn Water Into Words”

Novel Excerpts

I didn’t really feel like writing a post for Random Wednesday, but I still wanted to post something. I found these two excerpts from the book I’m writing right now. I’ve thought about taking them out because they have nothing to do with the story, but I just like the simplicity that surrounds this miniature story within a story so much. Anywho, here you go:

Because You Loved Her

She had that devilish smile that lured you in,
And as you got closer, her eyes could put you in a trance.
Her lips so soft spread her beautiful poison throughout your body,
And all you wanted to do was make love.
The curves of her body sent shivers down your spine,
And when you rested your hands on her hips,
You knew that she wanted you too.
She was better than anything else you have ever experienced,
And you knew that she was no good.
Like a black widow, she would tear you to pieces and destroy your soul.
And you didn’t care because you loved her.

Because You Loved Him

And when he told her he loved her, she trembled.
All of her dreams had come true.
That light in his eyes was amazing,
And his lips were more than enough.
Oh and his smile, how amazing it was for her to see.
And right then she knew she had loved him,
For his love was all that she wanted,
And his kiss cured her poison.

“Water, water, everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink.”

We live on a blue planet with swirls of cool liquid fluid flowing in river beds, falling off cliffs, and giving homes to those that call it the ocean. We live a place filled with plenty of other natural resources too, but we humans cannot survive without fresh water, and this blue planet of ours is running out of it.

The blue planet in which we live on is filled to the brim with salt water. Water that we cannot drink—water that would take a lot of money to purify, and yet still knowing this we continue to destroy the only source of this precious commodity that we can find.

I recently read about a film that details the political system of global trade that surrounds water and forces third world countries in debt to allow first world countries to control its people’s water for a profit. To be honest, I didn’t really think about the handle we had on water in this way until I thought about my own state of California. Continue reading ““Water, water, everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink.””