To Assume Is To Make An A** Out of You And Me

Photo by el dubb via Flickr
Photo by el dubb via Flickr

There I was, drowning in my own sweat that had pooled on top of the gym mat I was sprawled out on. I was exhausted, sore, and still thinking about the thoughts that ran through many heads before people stepped foot into the hour-long class from hell.

A woman, somewhere in her thirties, had walked up to the classroom inside the gym where a small group of people wearing workout clothes, including myself, waiting for the door to be unlocked. The woman had her long brown hair in a ponytail, thick cropped gray yoga pants and a large white T-shirt covering her protruding stomach. She mumbled something about keys and walked back to wherever she came from.

The woman came back to the classroom with keys in her hand and opened the door. The small group of people followed her into the room and stood around waiting for the class to start. Continue reading “To Assume Is To Make An A** Out of You And Me”

Let’s Talk About Dieting


As posted by Miss Millennia Magazine.

“I stopped dieting when I figured out that you just have to eat regularly and properly within moderation,” wrote Now magazine quoting Jennifer Aniston. “The fads are too much.”

Seeing ads and articles promoting popular “fad” diets in the attempt to try and find facts and figures about the diet industry only proves the point that there are a lot of people out there spending money on quick fixes instead of changing their lifestyle. And the $40 million a year going into the pockets of the diet industry doesn’t help the argument in favor of crash diets. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Dieting”

Life’s Lemons

They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, but often times you feel as though there aren’t enough sweeteners anywhere else no matter what you do to take the bitterness of life away. It’s in these times where you feel like just dumping the bitter lemonade on the floor and giving up, even though you shouldn’t. In these times you should rebuild this metaphorical lemonade with your own sweeteners and make the best damn lemonade that you possibly can make.

The majority of my friends and family right now are going through some tough times. Financial problems, relationship status changes, health problems, life shifts, or in my case all of the above. They call to tell me their frustrations, and often times they feel as though there is nothing they could do about their situations. Continue reading “Life’s Lemons”