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It Was Enough


alphabets-antique-black-and-white-952594I received a missed phone call while I was out in the garden. I try not to take my phone outside with me for fear of a cascading pile of rich dirt that would inevitably fall on top of the expensive device. And with drops of cool liquid from the watering canister sneakily trying to fall on to the dark dirt in a mission to make mud, I figured that I should keep my phone inside. The call was from a dear friend who had followed the missed call with a text message. It was the habit of my generation, in this day and age, to leave an intended message in the form of a text rather than one’s voice.

I picked up the smartphone and clicked the button on the side which would illuminate the screen and read the message, Hey, how is everything?  (more…)

Things I Have Learned From Blogging

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Sometime in 2009 I sat down at a computer, created a Blogspot account and began publishing posts to the web. At the time, the recent economic downturn and cuts to higher education fueled the fire for Jasmine on the Issues, and then a couple of years later, my interest in telling stories led me to create Jazzed About Stuff. When I received a message from WordPress reminding me that I registered on the site three years ago, I was shocked at another realization.

I have been talking to strangers online from all over the world for about five years now. (more…)

The Mean and Opinionated Writer

Broken Pencil by ~AcrophobicOwl

Broken Pencil by ~AcrophobicOwl

I was cornered the other day by one of my weekly blog readers who had pointed out my very opinionated style of writing. I responded, with what I thought was the obvious, and mentioned that it was a blog and not some national or world news organization that was solely there to present unbiased facts. I felt as if I didn’t understand her concern. She had told me, in so many words, that my blog posts were just putting people down.

I have to admit that my very sarcastic and dark sense of humor does make me sound like I’m being mean at times, and maybe I just am. But when she brought up the example of my last post about Yoga, I didn’t quite get why she was saying that my words were in any way mean. (more…)