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Rosary beads bible blur

#OctPoWriMo: Oct 2nd & 3rd

I first learned about God, the Spirit, and his Son through the Church,
But only understood Him and all His ways because of you.
You represent what the beating heart of religion truly is,
And I do my best to live my life taking from your cue.

writing rejected from publishers

Celebrating Rejection

In the beginning, my sighs of disappointment lasted longer as they lingered over every word that was sent to me by panels of judges, esteemed publishers, and fellow writers. However, over time I would dwell less on the rejection and look forward to the next opportunity to submit a revised and polished version of my work again.

Tips for recording interviews for articles

For The Love Of The Interview

would also come to fall in love with real journalism and the sitting down for interviews with some fantastic people, and I would continue working as a writer and journalist for the love of the interview.


It Was Enough

My blog wasn’t always updated regularly, and I was getting called out on it. However, I appreciated that my friend was concerned about me taking the time to write.