The Beginners Guide To Becoming A Vegetarian

After six years of being a vegetarian, six months of interviewing people and researching important topics for an eBook, I have finally finished The Beginners Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian. Not only is this book a fantastic first dive into the world of vegetarianism, but it’s also a great book to quickly read if you are a more experienced veggie too.

I’m way too excited to show off this all-inclusive guide about vegetarianism, health-related concerns, the rich culture and tips on how to live and transition into vegetarianism.

This is far from any diet book, and this does not focus on any specific reason why many people are becoming vegetarians.

Go ahead and grab a copy here for $2.99 on Amazon and then share this page with any of your friends or family members who would be interested in learning more about vegetarianism and all the subjects surrounding the lifestyle from an objective viewpoint, and enjoy creative, and educational, non-fiction narrative about the subject.

The Beginners Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian

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