Children Of The Rainbow

I was going to write a post about some issue that was going on in the world today. I combed through stories soaked in evil and hatred on various websites and twitter links until I stumbled onto something that was really amazing.

In the pouring rain under umbrellas and wrapped up in rain coats on a cold April day, thousands of Norwegian citizens gathered together to public squares on Thursday, April 26, and sang an uplifting song to dispel terrorism. About 40,000 people sang singalongs of “Children of the Rainbow” all over Norway in rememvberance of the 77 individuals who were killed by the far-right terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, during a bomb-and-shooting rampage.” The killer, now on trial for the heinousness acts, “claims the songs has been used to brainwash the country’s youth into supporting immigration.”

Here are some of the Norwegian lyrics for “My Rainbow Race:”

“A sky full of stars, blue sea as far as you can see

“An earth where flowers grow, can you wish for more?

“Together shall we live, every sister, brother

“Young children of the rainbow, a fertile land.”

And here is some of the footage from the day untranslated:

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