Shock Wave: Part 17- The Escape


Catch up before you continue on with the story.

Sarah Liera had been trapped underneath her psychiatrist’s desk in the middle of the night for over an hour before that same psychiatrist got up and left to use the restroom again. If it wasn’t for the hot tea rushing though his body at the moment Sarah could have been trapped there all night.

She made her move quietly and quickly when she heard the door shut and threw the file back in to the cabinet and shut it all in one swipe. She then shuffled off into the front room and eventually out of the window nearly hurling herself outside of the building. She never stopped running once her feet hit the dirt and she traveled into the dark with no newly acquired knowledge that she so desperately sought.

She ran all the way back to the house at the edge of the woods and quietly crept back inside before the sun had a chance to rise. She waited there with her eyes open for what seemed like centuries with the swirling thoughts of frustration coursing through her head, and just as her eyelids began to droop down and rest themselves against each other her husband loudly yawned and unintentionally shook her awake as he got out of bed.

James got up to get dressed and ready for work leaving Sarah laying in the bed exhausted from the night she spent underneath her psychiatrist’s desk.  She let her mind wander back through the series of events as he eventually walked out of the front door.

She let her eyelids finally meet again and welcomed the instant darkness flash before her completely blocking her vision.

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