Shock Wave: Part 18- The Nightmare


Catch up before you continue on with the story.

There it was again, an attractive woman with short blonde hair wearing jeans and a white button up t-shirt that was two sizes too big sat before Sarah in a car.

“Ready?” The woman said to Sarah as she threw the old blue Chevy pickup truck into gear.

“Yes,” Sarah said.

The woman scrunched her tiny nose and let her bright sparkly blue eyes peek through behind her long lashes as she smiled at Sarah. “Okay, this is it then. There’s no turning back.”

They took off in the old blue Chevy pickup truck and drove down the dusty road for a few miles with the sun’s rays kissing their exposed skin with its loving warmth. The two women looked on as the tall green trees passed the truck along the sides and they were ready to move forward. What happened next is what turned this beautiful memory into a nightmare. Two tall men wearing gray slacks and white collar shirts drove out of the woods in a rusty Chevy work truck with wooden sides on the flat bed. The truck jetted forward blocking the two frightened women as the doors simultaneously flew open to let the two men out of the vehicle.

Sarah’s dream soon faded to the walls of her home in the middle of the woods, and she felt that feeling again in the pit of her stomach that heated up her body with anguish. Sarah found herself leaving the incredible world of her subconscious as the flashes from some unknown past event left her nauseated and the rhythm of her heart beating faster. This time, however, Sarah recognized something in this flashback that she had never seen in any of the flash backs before. The two angry men in Sarah’s dream jumping out of the old rusty truck were not complete strangers but rather people who she saw every day. Dr. Jacob Aislinn and Sarah’s husband James Liera had stopped the car the day she tried to escape from somewhere with a woman, and she didn’t quite know why.

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2 thoughts on “Shock Wave: Part 18- The Nightmare

  1. It just keeps drawing me in. It’s like eating chips, one each week, and wanting to see what’s left in the bag. have a good day.


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