#OctPoWriMo: Oct 2nd & 3rd

Rosary beads bible blur

OctPoWriMo #2: Catholicism

The Blessed Virgin Mary can be found in stone sitting in your garden.
She sits in the place of where your rose bushes used to be.
She holds her rosary beads with her head down in prayer.
As I walk by she bows in reverence, never looking up at me.

You remind me of her elegance and the way she stays in God’s grace.
And you embody the same strength she had to raise God’s Son.
Like Mary, you conceived life unwed and kept faith in your religion,
And you thrived in life rarely asking for help from anyone.

I first learned about God, the Spirit, and his Son through the Church,
But only understood Him and all His ways because of you.
You represent what the beating heart of religion truly is,
And I do my best to live my life taking from your cue.


OctPoWriMo #3: Teacher

I see the smile on your face when you see the light in a child’s eye.
They come to understand a new concept because of you.
You go beyond defining terms and phrases and watch their thoughts fly high
Tossing out old and limiting ideas and introducing something new.

You cultivate their minds and teach them the Word of God
And made Catechism seem fun over the years.
You speak the truth about everything and never put on a façade
And you’ve inspired young and older minds to venture on to new frontiers.

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