OctPoWriMo: Oct 6th, 7th, & 8th

love and beach sunset

OctPoWriMo #6: Selflessness

Above you.
You place the entire world upon your shoulders
and put all the people living on top of the blue planet
before you.
Beside you.
The people you interact with everyday are never beneath you.
You believe in equality and fight for what’s right.
Behind you—
your family is here trying their best to follow in your footsteps.
You are nothing but kind, loving, and selfless.


OctPoWriMo #7: Family

New life breathes in
the surrounding air with a hint of you
beating in the heart of their soul.
The careful stitching
of the DNA patchwork
has elements of you
mingling with new members.
And as we all age
the new life shows signs
of thinking like you
when you were that age too.
You are the life blood.
The necessary pieces
that help us put together
who we are
and where we come from.


OctPoWriMo #8: Love

No limitations.
No expectations.
Only humans bound together
by deep and meaningful connections.
Not always seen.
Not always heard.
There’s no taste or smell.
An important feeling in your bones
That you can never bottle up and sell.

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