#OctPoWriMo: Oct 22nd-24th

bench carved stones cemetery

OctPoWriMo #22: Tough 

Your smile, soft as silk  
smooths over the roughness  
that we encounter.  
I take an easy  
and calming breath  
knowing kindness from you. 
You see the good in others,  
and view the glass of life half full. 

Your take charge attitude,  
hard as nails  
when you seek order. 
You don’t command respect,  
but it is always given to you. 
You never yell to prove a point,  
but remain tough  
to get things done.

OctPoWriMo #23: Death 

Another friend has died today. 
You make the trek to show support  
and say your last goodbyes. 
I never see you cry. 
You know that they are safe  
in a place without pain or suffering. 
You celebrate their life. 
You reserve tears behind closed doors  
to show strength. 
You keep their memory alive with stories. 
I smile knowing that as long as you are here  
you connect the living with the dead in your mind. 
I no longer see death as the final journey. 
It’s just a stop on the never-ending road. 

OctPoWriMo #24: Kansas City, Missouri 

She sits on the western edge 
On the border  
and into the state  
of its city’s name. 
She feeds her city  
with cool jazz  
and hot barbecue,  
and she quenches their thirst  
with large fountains. 
I learn about the history  
of baseball from the Black perspective. 
I view ancient art  
in her museums. 
She may have given birth to you,  
but the golden state helped refine you. 

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