Creative Writing

My Syndicated Life: Why You Should Start A Journal
Sometime during the air of mystery that sparks ghost stories in late nights or early mornings, you’ll see me scribbling and hiding my pen and paper like Winston Smith of Oceania in 1984. …
The First Job I Ever Had
The very first job I ever had was something I built for myself back in elementary school. I confess that It’s not something I can ever put on my resume. In fact, I …
When Thought Puzzles Become Art
I like to think that opposing thoughts are there to push the boundaries and shapes of the thought puzzles, and that these new pieces create even more structures and works or art.
#OctPoWriMo: Oct 24 – 31
He asked me what I would say to God if I could have any question answered, And I said that I would have little to say. If I had to go on living …
#OctPoWriMo | Oct 18 – 23
There we were still existing in a pause between breaths that attempted to move life forward. Our mouths were wide with smiles and our eyes frozen never seeing the day we grew apart.
#OctPoWriMo | Oct 12 – 17
I am one part of the whole of the entire universe, And I gaze up into myself and watch myself gaze back at me.
#OctPoWriMo | Oct 5 – 11
My second installment of poems for OctPoWriMo 2019.
OctPoWriMo | Oct 1st – Oct 4th
I’m participating in the month-long poetry writing challenge. Here’s what I have for the first week. #OctPoWriMo | Oct 1st – Oct 4th
Living History
These historical figures hold a key that unlocks the mysteries of the past. They can help paint pictures that dive into the very heart of humanity.