Finding Your Voice

Realizing something new about yourself is like finding out what sounded like “I went to go and iron my foot” in your favorite song was actually “she went and just lied like a crook.”

For three straight weeks you were belting your little heart out to this amazing song that meant so much to you and as you’re finally skimming through the written lyrics online, you immediately notice that it makes that much more sense for it to be this way, and eventually you wonder why you thought that in the first place.

This blog that I’m starting today is doing just that. I’m questioning the world around me, finding truth and eventually I hope to find my voice. I want to take the time every so often to just think and jot everything down into a somewhat coherent entity. It will be a daunting task, but it isn’t because I have nothing to say–that’s far from the truth–it’s just bringing all of my ever formulating tangled thoughts together into a single comprehensible medium–this blog.

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