Oregon Or Bust (Part 9)

JDL (http://butterflijlo.deviantart.com/)

The summer was nearing and all of my classes were coming to an end when I noticed all of the changes going on around me. The past 10 weeks went by in such a blur that the annoying crick in my neck could have been blamed on some major whiplash.

My best friend from second grade had called me the other day about everything that was going on with her. She mentioned that the guy from Oregon had initiated a conversation about the month that he set aside to come and visit her and the town that he had once lived in.

“So how’s your new boo?” the guy from Oregon asked.

“You mean my boyfriend? Um, I guess everything’s fine,” my friend had replied.

“Oh—well, I can’t wait to hang out with you when I come and visit this summer.”

“You’re going to hang out with your other friends too right? I don’t want to take up all of your time.”

“I haven’t kept in contact with any of my other friends in town—only you.”

“Oh. Well—I can bring my other good friend along and we can all hang out. It will be fun.”

Awkward and weird was just the descriptive tip of the drama filled iceberg that had altered this summer’s voyage.

“Jaz, I don’t know how not to make this whole situation awkward. I told him that I would bring along our friend from high school. I mean— I like him as a friend and I still want to hang out, but I’m kind of in a serious relationship and he sounded sort of jealous because of it,” my friend said.

“I don’t know about that situation. That’s—kind of awkward,” I said.


“—I know.”

I was happy that I didn’t have to deal with all of that relationship drama anymore. Life was good. My good friend from college who had been gone all year came by to hang out, I had a really nice internship set up for the summer, and I had this really awesome guy that I was seeing.

It was perfect… too perfect.

I realized again that the summer was approaching. For three months I would be separated from the guy that I was currently dating. I started to hyperventilate. Why was I hyperventilating? I thought about my last relationship. Ahhh! I have to end this! No! I can’t do that again. Why was I arguing with myself?! I’m still yelling at myself!!

I felt as though I had lost my mind, so I called my friend back.

“Haha, I’m beginning to think that anytime you like a guy and take a risk you panic because you begin to like them a lot,” my friend from second grade said.

She was absolutely right. I should get a gold medal for the most dramatic freak outs and the quickest cases of running away from anything. But was I right this time to panic? I had about a week (including final exams and what not) with a guy that was going to be gone for three months. Anything could happen.

Again—the terrible timing.

To read the journey from the beginning click here.

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