A Summer Morning


I woke up today to the faint sounds of a rumbling lawn mower in a neighbor’s yard. My eyes fluttered open in accompaniment with the familiar melodic sounds of summer and my exposed face that poked out from underneath the covers felt the warm touch of the morning’s sun. I left the window open just a tad and could smell the scent of freshly cut grass waft into my bedroom, and as I began to roll out of bed and get ready for the day my room was filled with a mixture of earthy aromas and a gentle breeze.

It’s definitely summer, I thought to myself. The schools were out and you could hear the young children out playing in the streets of our neighborhood. They looked carefree as they ran around and chased each other on their bikes and roller blades.

I decided to go for a walk while the weather was still cool outside. Something about being outside before the majority of the population is awake feels so amazing. I get to glance at the houses waiting patiently for their inhabitants to go outside and greet the day. I wonder if anyone else is up right now and enjoying the morning—those still sleeping are missing out on a wonderful summer morning.

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