The Beast With The Red Eyes

I told her camping wasn’t a very good idea. Not in this town—and not on a night like this. Our town was known for the strange and macabre and on a full blooded moon in a town like that, something was most likely about to happen.

It was around midnight when our cuddling session on that chilly night ran cold. My girl had her body encased in mind. We heard a trail of crackling twigs move closer to our campsite, and it was then that I felt the small fuzzy hairs on her body stick upward. I slowly sat up from underneath the thickly stuffed sleeping bag, and I gently unzipped the thin barrier created for us by our single-person tent. I poked my head outside the opening of our tent, and as I scanned the small radius of our camping area, I saw two brightly lit deep red eyes.

I quickly stuffed my head back into the tent. Shocked and horrified, I couldn’t even take a breath let alone explain to her what I had just seen. I began to put on all of my clothes and pack up as much stuff as I could. Getting out of the woods was my first priority. My girl followed my action and grabbed anything else that I wasn’t already carrying.

When we exited the tent the beast stood in the same position that I had left it last, still peering deep into the depths of my own eyes. What evil emitted from the shadowy figure of this wretched beast. I was terrified, and my girl looked on in the same expression of pure fear. The red eyes never blinked—never showed in signs of waving—and it felt as though the eyes were ripping into my soul. The shadowy beast growled a deep raspy and hunger driven sound. It wanted us—and nothing was to get into its way.

My girl sped off into the thickly packed trees behind our camp, and within milliseconds the huge shadowy beast followed in her direction. I heard the quick chase for about ten seconds before I heard a loud scream. I sped off the in the opposite direction. I’m sure it got her. She wasn’t going to survive and I wouldn’t either if I tried going after the damn thing. I could hear the faint horrific sounds of the beast eating my girlfriend alive. Only God could have saved that girl—and only God and my ghastly swift moving feet could get me the hell out of dodge.

I made it out of the woods, into my car and well into town before I could actually catch my breath. I did manage to get here just before the sun rose over the town that harbored the unexplained and evil lurking that is only imagined in the darkest of nightmares. And here I am telling you, the story that even haunts my daydreams. I can feel the sharp shivers quivering up my spine, and still today I can hear the faint shrieks of terror caused by the beast with the red eyes.

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