The Department Store Diaries: Day 31

Things change when the sun goes down. Serial killers break into homes, vampires wake up from their naps and department stores close while locking some of their employees inside. No joke.

When the last customer finally decides to leave the messy store, department store employees, like me, are locked inside of an empty store so that they can fold and reorganize all of the merchandise.  It’s sort of young kid’s dream come true, being able to stay inside of a department store after everyone goes home. You get to see the store as you have never seen it before, and that goes the same for the employees as well.

“Ladies, whys is yous guys not folding up the clothes?” The foreign supervisor had caught a bunch of the employees hiding in clothing racks and playing hide-and-go-seek by the fitting rooms.

“Umm, we were organizing the clothes over here.” I said as I sort of stumbled from behind a rack of ugly prom dresses on clearance.

“Well yous gus need to fold the shirts and tank tops on the tables over heres.” She started pointing to the massive pile of clothes that hundreds of customers just picked up and thrown on the ground. “Come on. Get to its!”

The small group of girls found themselves slowly sliding their feet over to the piles of clothes strewn everywhere. I picked my poison over by the tank tops and just stared blankly off into space while I robotically folded bright neon tops.

“So, did you ever get finished with that book I lent you?” A Goth looking girl was talking to one of the other girls folding a large pile of jeans.

“Uh, not yet, but I’ll get around to it.” I was suddenly snapped out of my trance. Books—did someone mention books? I turned my attention to the Goth chick I had originally perceived as mean and cold hearted. “Wait, what types of books do you normally read?” I asked the Goth girl folding the t-shirts on the floor.

That single question lead me to find out that the scary Goth-looking girl and I practically led the same life as book-loving nerds who also loved to write for the fun of it. I never would have guessed that the evil vampire who gave me the creeps was in reality the sweetest and most kind-hearted girl ever.

It’s as if you fall into another dimension when the store’s doors are locked and the lights are dimmed. Without the customers giving you great ideas for weekly blog posts you really get to know the people who you work with. It just comes to prove that sometimes it takes being held against your will to get to know someone—that—and the mention of literature.

Read the madness from the beginning.

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