“Water, water, everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink.”

We live on a blue planet with swirls of cool liquid fluid flowing in river beds, falling off cliffs, and giving homes to those that call it the ocean. We live a place filled with plenty of other natural resources too, but we humans cannot survive without fresh water, and this blue planet of ours is running out of it.

The blue planet in which we live on is filled to the brim with salt water. Water that we cannot drink—water that would take a lot of money to purify, and yet still knowing this we continue to destroy the only source of this precious commodity that we can find.

I recently read about a film that details the political system of global trade that surrounds water and forces third world countries in debt to allow first world countries to control its people’s water for a profit. To be honest, I didn’t really think about the handle we had on water in this way until I thought about my own state of California.

Obviously water doesn’t flow freely in the desert-like climate of the Central Valley where I’m from, so other places usually have to give us some. When I drive up on the 99 North I find myself running into signs that say “Food Grows Where Water Flows.” The Central Valley has ideal flat lands with a warm climate to provide the best area for crops like corn, and to better raise beef and mostly dairy cows. It’s one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, but there are a lot of instances of drought and I can only imagine the terrible situations of drought that non-first world countries would have.

That’s where the film comes in. “Blue Gold: World Water Wars” features the revolution that took place after the Bolivian government sent out the military to protect Betchel, who was responsible controlling water for profit in Bolivia, and shoot people on the streets, killing seven, but no one outside of Bolivia in the general population not active in politics even knows about companies that do this.

I would suggest that you watch the movie, because not only will it make you a little more aware about our world, but it will make you a little bit more appreciative about the water that you use every day and that you will continue to use for the rest of your life.

Here’s the Trailer.

Here’s the link to their site: http://www.bluegold-worldwaterwars.com/

And here’s the Movie

Can anyone guess where the title originally came from? 🙂

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