The Hollywood Intern: Part 11- The Phone Interview

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I had, unfortunately, scheduled a phone interview during my usual commute to my second internship. They only gave me a few choices that either involved leaving the office to go answer the phone or canceling my other interview time slots in order to take the call.  I had no choice but to figure out the time difference between Central and Pacific Coast time and then call my interviewer smack dab in the middle of heavy morning Los Angeles traffic.

I got in my car a little earlier that day (or at the time that I was supposed to be getting in my car) and I made sure that my phone was out and ready for me to grab and illegally use on the highway, but of course with my luck, my intended interviewer called me just as I was entering the dreaded 101/405 interchange.

I picked up the phone and greeted my potential boss on the other line, and after giving me some background about the company he asked me to speak a little bit about myself.

“So, this is my last year at the Univ—Oh God!”

I had swerved and narrowly missed a car attempting to cut me off from the next lane. Chaos ensued and I started to panic.

“Uh—yeah, and after my last year I want to wri—Oh dear!”

I now had first-hand knowledge of why talking on cellphones while driving was a bad idea, but I also couldn’t just hang-up the phone in the middle of an interview.

I steadied myself and gripped the phone tightly in one hand while I used the other hand to direct the steering wheel on the proper route. I then amazed myself with my coordination and multi-tasking skills and managed to mask my shrieks of terror and random road rage throughout the interview with polite laughter.


By the end of the interview my potential employer told me that he was, surprisingly, impressed with me and my resume and that he would email me about my application status in the next couple of days. I thanked him and hung-up the phone just as my car came to halt right behind miles of wall-to-wall traffic.

Why couldn’t he have called me right now when I wasn’t moving?

My interviews so far were not going well, although none of my interviews ever did, and I was starting to worry about whether or not I would ever get another job. And though Glendale was relatively close in distance from where I was, my chances of living there were actually really far off and out of the way. All I could do is just hope that my luck and this whole situation would quickly change.

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