Passage of Prop 30 Is Giving You Back Your Money

California university and college students–parents of those California university and college students. Remember at the beginning of this academic school year when you had to pay more tuition because of the state’s huge deficit. Well we still have the deficit but you may be receiving some of that money back in your pocket.

Unless I was spammed with a cruel joke, Cal Poly Pomona, like some other CSUs, is planning on rollingback tuition fees and avoiding a $12 million additional cut despite state funding still being down $56 million. This means that the campus will start the process of rescinding the $166-per-quarter tuition fee increase that is already in place, and the tuition will now revert back to $5,472, which was the same rate as in the 2011-2012 academic year.

“Passage of Proposition 30 helped us avoid another $12 million cut, and for that we are grateful. However, it’s important to remember that it does not restore state funding,” says university President Michael Ortiz. “Today, we are working with just 62 percent of the state funding we had received in 2007-2008. Our students need more support to ensure they have the classes and services that are essential for long-term success.”

My favorite part of this news, as someone looking into applying for graduate schools in the state, is that enrollment will see a slight increase for fall 2013. Students will now either be “credited, refunded upon request, or receive a reconfigured financial aid package to account for the revised tuition fee rates.” This may mean, however, that for those of you receiving financial aid the rollback would be matched by an equal reduction in a financial aid grant (which is obviously less money for you–sorry). This rollback process should be finalized by Dec. 21.

“We are hopeful that the passage of Proposition 30 will be the beginning of the state’s reinvestment in higher education,” says CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. “The long-term benefits of additional revenue can only be realized if higher education is once again a priority. The state needs to start making up for the devastating budget cuts of the past several years and focus on higher education as a driver of California’s economic future.”

The Email:

November 8, 2012
Dear Student,

The Proposition 30 ballot initiative was approved by voters in the November 6, 2012 election. As a result, the California State University will implement the tuition fee contingency plan as previously approved by the Board of Trustees. The California State University will roll back tuition fees to 2011-12 fee levels, retroactive to the fall 2012 term. For further information regarding tuition fees, please visit the following website:

The applicable reduction in tuition fees and graduate business professional fees for fall 2012 will be calculated and a credit will be posted to your account no later than December 21, 2012. Any credit balance on your account as a result of this adjustment may be applied to any balance due, including winter 2013 fees.

Any applicable financial aid adjustment for 2012-13 will be reflected on your student award no later than December 21, 2012.  Depending on the details of an individual’s financial aid package, the fee reduction may be matched by an equal reduction in a financial aid grant, in which case no refund will be due to the student. You may receive further communication regarding your specific financial aid status from the Financial Aid office.

Please be sure to regularly monitor your self-service account on BroncoDirect for the fee adjustments.

If you object to having a credit balance on your account or you are not enrolling for the winter 2013, you may request a refund check, less any amounts due on your account.  Refund requests must be submitted using the appropriate forms within 10 business days from the date of this notification.  The forms and the process to request a refund can be found at

If you have any questions regarding your student account, please contact Student Accounting & Cashiering Services at (909) 869-2010 or email us at

Angelina C. Schultz
Student Accounting & Cashiering Services (SACS)

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