Cal Poly Pomona Student’s Alleged Threats against LA Schools

Kyle Bangayan voa Facebook
Kyle Bangayan voa Facebook

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In the wake of one of the most violent and heinous crimes in our nation, Cal Poly Pomona student, Kyle Bangayan, 24, was brought to the attention of news organizations for allegedly posting violent threats on social media sites against schools in the Los Angeles area.

Following the aftermath of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut, Bangayan, was found with nine firearms including rifles, handguns and a shotgun and was arrested at his parents’ home in Hollywood and taken to the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles.

Prosecutors announced late Monday that Bangayan would not have any file charged against him reporting that, although he had referenced the massacre in Connecticut on his Facebook page on Sunday, he made no specific threat against a school or person and he told the police that he was just joking.

Bangayan wrote that thousands of children die in other countries and that Americans needed to get over the shootings which took the lives of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn and six adults who tried protecting the lives of other children still in the building.

Although Bangayan mentioned that he would do the same thing in Los Angeles, the engineering student and secretary of the university’s Neo Anime Club was held in lieu $500,000 bail and was later released.

Cal Poly Pomona has sent a campus wide email addressing the situation stating that “the University is conducting a separate investigation into whether the Student Code of Conduct was broken and is utilizing interim disciplinary action. In addition, University Police have increased uniformed patrols and issued a temporary ban of the student from campus.”

The shooting has also brought other arrests from college-aged students posting unfavorable comments on Facebook in Springfield, Ohio, where the police arrested an “18-year-old man for a Facebook post that said he’s tired of the comments related to the massacre, and they make him want to shoot kids, and in Columbia, Tennessee, where a 19-year-old was arrested for a Facebook post expressing the desire to go on a rampage in the wake of the massacre,” according to AP reports.

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